Get the Alexa Rankings of the followers for any Twitter account

Podcast Rank Report

A daily email with the iTunes rankings of any podcast

Bulk Delete When I Work Toolbox Items

Bulk delete your Positions, Locations, Shift Blocks and Sites from your When I Work account.

Export LessAccounting Contacts

Export all of your LessAccounting contacts into a CSV spreadsheet.

Find Duplicates in Spotify Playlist

Clean up your Spotify playlists with this duplicate remover. It can even find identify the same song by different artists.

Export SpeakPipe Data

Create a spreadsheet of the information from all of your messages including Name, Email and Voicemail Number.

Top Podcasts by Genre

A handy chart of the top 200 podcasts. You can also filter by genre or even sub-genre.

Get RSS Feed for iTunes Podcast

Look up the original RSS feed for any iTunes Podcast.

Sort Twitter Search Results by Follower Count

When you search for something on Twitter, it's hard to know which tweets are important. This app puts the people with the most followers right at the top.

Top Songs

The top 200 songs in iTunes. You can also sort by song title, artist name and the release date.