How To Sort Twitter Search Results by Follower Count


Searching for something on Twitter feels pretty disorganized. Oftentimes, I just want to know, “Who are the important people tweeting about (blank)?”

Click here for an app that answers that question.

The Problem

A few weeks ago, Digital Music News wrote a blog post about my app that removes Spotify duplicates. Lots of people tweeted about it, which was great.

Not all tweets are created equal though. Some people who promoted my app had 20 followers while others had over 200,000.

I needed a way to quickly identify these influential people. Faced with no other options, I had to click on every single person to find out how many followers they had.

The Solution

As a result of that frustrating experience, I decided to build an app that sorts Twitter search results by follower count.

Here are a few things it can show you:

  1. Which influential people are mentioning me?
  2. Which influential people are linking to my site?
  3. Which influential people are talking about (blank)?

I realize that a person’s follower count is not a perfect measure of influence, but it does add some level of prioritization.

Click here to try out this app, or watch the video below to see it in action.